Medium Brown Henna Powder


DASHBROWZ™ henna powder is specially formulated with botanical ingredients and extracts, coming from the highest quality Henna plantations developed specifically for brow tinting.

Ammonia Free, Natural Powder.

For professional use only.

Note: We increased our henna jars from 5 to 10 grams. 



1. Mix
Mix 1:1 ratio of DASHBROWZ™ Henna Powder with distilled water. Set the mixture aside for 5-10 mins to allow the henna powder to form a smooth, strong paste.

2. Cleanse 
Cleanse the brows using DASHLASHEZ™ Lash/Brow Shampoo. Cleansing the brows before Henna Application is essential in order to remove any oils, dirt, debris off of the brow hairs and surrounding brow area. 

3. Exfoliate 
Exfoliate the brows using DASHBROWZ™ Brow Scrub. Essential for a long lasting stain, leaving the skin free from dead cells or other impurities.

4. Apply 
Proceed with the henna brow application.

5. Remove 
Remove the henna by using a dampened cotton round. 

6. Clean-up 
Clean surrounding skin with DASHBROWZ™ Henna remover to quickly and effectively remove any excess product on the skin.

7. Advise 
Advise the best-suited aftercare. Ensure your client keeps the brow area dry for 24 hours post service.

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