Pro-Made Fans 12D - 240 Pre Made Fans


DASHLASHEZ™ Pro-Made™ Fans - 8D 0.05 lashes with perfectly pointed bases.

Bringing you the newest and innovative Pro-Made™ fans to North America! Extremely lightweight, advanced pointed slim bases, deep in colour, and time effective. Taking your lash game to the next level from beginner to pro!

Developed to be the most beautiful and symmetrical fans in the market, DASHLASHEZ™ Pro-Made™ Fans are weighted lighter than the average hand-made volume fan! The industry is rapidly advancing as we are manufacturing top quality products for lash artists. It's finally time to say hello to 100% DAMAGE-FREE pre-made fans!

Whether you are looking to perfect your hand-made fans, improve on your time-management, or even if you have only ever had classic training, these fans are perfect for you!

These fans work best when lifted off the strip from the base. Won't weigh lashes down and stays open and fluffy, effortlessly!

DASHLASHEZ™ Pro-Made™ Fans are available in mixed length trays, 240ct.