Lash Bath Foam Cleanser + Flex Cleansing Brush Duo


The perfect duo now sold as a set - Lash Bath Foam Cleanser & Flex Cleansing Brush.

Lash Bath Foam Cleanser: Custom all new formula keeps lashes and eyelids healthy and clean. Specifically developed with the same pH as your skin type and formulated with targeting ingredients to remove any proteins, oils, debris while strengthening and conditioning natural lashes.

Oil-Free, & safe with eyelash extensions. 

Cruelty-free, Vegan, Paraben & fragrance free.

Use once daily for best results. 

Flex Cleansing Brush: Our Flex Cleansing brush is specially designed to deep clean your lash extensions while hugging your lash line allowing for a thorough cleanse. Our innovative flex design allows the bristles of the brush to get in between each and every eyelash.

Directions: Dispense cleanser onto eyelid and use our Flex Cleansing Brush to gently work the cleanser through the lashes. Rinse with cool water, blot dry, and brush lashes into place. 

Our Lash Bath Foam Cleansers & Flex Cleansing Brushes are always cruelty free & vegan. We will never test on animals.

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